Life in Monochrome

BARKLEY BASICS: DISH WASH - Dish Wash makes washing the dishes addictive and a pleasure!
BARKLEY BASICS: HAND WASH - Keep your hands clean and smelling amazing with our Nectarine & Mint Hand Wash.
BARKLEY BASICS: SURFACE SPRAY -Use as a multi-purpose surface sanitiser, de-greaser or deodoriser.
BARKLEY BASICS: SCOURER  SPONGE - It is a scourer and absorptive cellulose sponge all in one.
BARKLEY BASICS: MICROFIBRE CLOTH - Use dry for dusting and wet for heavier cleaning. 
RETRO KITCHEN: DISH CLOTH - Made from cotton and cellulose, they are super absorbent, machine washable and 100% biodegradable.